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For the sake of transparency I have decided to add a changelog to record my progress in making this encyclopedia and my research in general.

2003/10/01 - Added a page going into more depth about the aedifex. My mom really wants me to stop working on this web site, and she told me I'm not allowed to bring any more of the books home. I'm keeping the ones I have at my friend Bethany's house and hiding the ones I'm still working on in the Latin classroom. I have one I keep under my pillow.
2003/09/30 - Fixed a typo on the demons page. Hehe, woops. Nobody's perfect.
2003/09/21 - A note on considering your sources and authenticity: We're still working on translating our sources! My Latin teacher said- "Take fantastical writings like these with a grain of salt." Which i think is a really good point- the writings we have would have to come from demons or angels who are literate! Not all demons would be literate in Latin and most angels who could write before the early modern period probably weren't human-born, so it's a good idea to take into consideration what biases and viewpoints are excluded from these writings. They are very well propogandistic in nature and not necessarily 100% the truth. So do take the things written heere with consideration for the authors!
2003/09/06 - Added demons page! Includes a table of all demon types. In the future I would like to talk more about culture in hell, the cities, the history, maybe add more info about the aedifex?
2003/09/05 - Added Changelog & Updates page.