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The Realm of Heaven

Heaven is a mysterious place. Most documents describing it are written in Enochian, the language of the angels. Enochian predates written human languages by at least thousands of years, if not more! It’s nearly impossible to translate. (maybe later when i have more information on Enochian i can make a page for it) There are some documents in a creole that mixes Enochian and Hebrew, but luckily I’ve even managed to find some in Latin. (my latin studies teacher has been helping me translate)

Heaven is ruled by the Saint Archangel Michael. It consists of the Holy City of New Jerusalem and the Holy Palace, which are connected by the Lamb Path. New Jerusalem has lots of fountains and building— many angels live there permanently. The Holy Palace has eight floors, one for each choir of angels. Outside of the city and the Palace, Heaven is endless stretches of pasture, desert, and mountain. fruit trees and sheep are abundant, and the water is blessed.

There is a darker side of Heaven too— the Mahorela. A vast wasteland where wayward angels and lost souls wander for all of eternity. there is very little information about the Mahorela, so it’s hard to say whether it is real or just a fairytale made up to scare kid angels.