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Angels and their Choirs

Angels are a lot like pop culture ideas of them: winged beings with halos and such. However, they can be a lot harder to spot than a demon. An angel’s halo isn’t visible to the naked human eye, though i speculate that some mind-altering substances or near-death-experiences can rectify that, and an angel can hide his wings at will. Lesser angels are basically identicle to humans without their wings and halos, except for their magical abilities of course.

Angels do tend to be taller than average humans— the average height for an angel is 6’6”, and greater angels can be up to 9 feet tall! but angels that are too tall can alter the perception of their height on earth exactly so humans can’t spot them. Interestingly, most greater angels have blue or even purple eyes, and some angels have pure, snow white hair regardless of age. This often seems to be a symptom of perserverence under extreme stress.

There are eight choirs of angels, split into two major groups: Enochian and Human-borne. Enochian angels are older and have no human lineage whatsoever. Most were created fully formed, though Enochian angels are just as capable of reproducing as we are. (it’s just a little more rare). Human-borne angels were either born human and became angels later in life, or had an ancestor that was born human. Enochian angels tend to be stronger and hold more authority over human-borne angels.

Enochian Choirs:


The most famous of the angels! There are only about 7-12 Archangels at a time, depending on your sources and the time of writing. Most well-known are Michael and Gabriel and Uriel and such. Archangels have arguably the most power in Heaven, and the political structure relies on their guidance. Some archangels do visit humans on earth too. There is only one human-borne archangel: Archangel Jerahmeel. The rest are all Enochian.


Seraphim tend to be very strong and extremely large. They are Enochian war machines— though later texts seem to suggest that their role in Heaven is much more fluid than simply being soldiers. They are invoked in times of great disaster, to slay demons or even sometimes to heal. Seraphim sometimes have multiple pairs of wings and are blindingly bright when they do not inhabit a humanoid vessel.

Ophanim or Thrones

Ophanim are some of the stranger enochian angels. While Enochian angels tend to be the least humanlike of the holy beings, Ophanim can be strange even compared to a naked Seraph. They are notoriously reclusive, keeping to themselves and only convening with other orders of angels when absolutely necessary. Ophanim run the High Courts of Heaven— they often decide the fate of a misbehaving angel. Thrones tend to have Enochian names rather than Hebrew ones, and sometimes appear as great flaming wheels of eyes.


Cherubim are some of the most diverse of the Enochian choirs, and they are also the only choir to be almost 100% female (archangels and seraphim are all male with one exception, and ophanim tend to be an even mix of all genders). The Cherub’s role is a very loose one, but most work in healing or with young children. Among the Enochian angels, cherubim tend to present the most humanlike.

Human-borne Choirs


Dominions are the highest in the human-borne hierarchy. Their jobs are mostly administrative, overseeing the other choirs of human-borne angels. Dominions often work under Cherubim or Seraphim, but rarely interact with ophanim.


Virtues most commonly work with humans on earth, coming to aid them in times of need. They are known for being exceedingly empathetic, and, well, virtuous. Virtues are treated with high respect compared to other human-borne angels.


Principalities are protectors of specific places on earth. They are often associated with nations, almost always the one that they were born into before ascending to heaven.


While powers are the lowest ranking choir, they are some of the most respected. They are the soldiers of Heaven, often serving as guardian angels for humans or for other angels. Powers tend to be quite physically strong despite being more human in stature.

A human can become an angel if they die in a particularly heroic or selfless manner, or if they live a life of faith and devotion, or if they specifically seek it out. (it is much harder to become an angel than a demon... but it's a whole lot less scary.) All angels have wings, resembling those of a bird. They can be random or they can symbolically represent some part of them. Angels also have their own personal holy sword, which often varies based on their ability and personality. A willowy cherub is more likely to brandish a rapier, whereas a massive seraph might wield a zweihänder.