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Demons and their Aedifices

Demons are the descendants of Lucifer and the surviving fallen angels of the First Great Starflood. Most demons appear just like humans, with various magical abilities. Most common are shapeshifting, which all demons can do to some extent, abnormal strength and height, and heightened senses. All demons have an Aedifex that serves in place of a human soul or an angel's halo. The aedifex is unique in that it is not permanently tethered to a certain body or even a certain *person*- after a demon's death, the aedifex remains, able to be 'reused' to create a new demon from a human or fallen angel.

While demons can reproduce in the 'traditional' way (a new aedifex is created from the mother's aedifex, which can be dangerous for her), many demons were once humans or angels. To create a new demon this way, one must find a willing Artifex, who will then prepare your body for the aedifex to enter through a ritual. The Artifex needs permission from Castor Nouo Armondre, the keeper of the aedifices, to summon one. If the demon-to-be is human, the soul is consumed by the aedifex when it enters.


One unique aspect of the aedifex is that they come in many different 'species' that effect the demons in many ways. The most prominent is their abilities to shapeshift, their so-called 'second form' is determined by the aedifex. Eye color is also indicative of species!

Common Aedifices
Wolf Demon:
The wolf demon is the most common, often cited as Lucifer's favorite for their strength and loyalty. Wolf demons are not usually very magically gifted and are often considered very "plain" as demons go.
Fox Demon:
Coming in as second most common, fox demons are also often considered unremarkable. They tend to have less brute strength than wolf demons, and many are magical healers. Prince Vassago is a well known fox demon, and a number of fox demons can trace their lineage to him.
Cat Demon:
The cat demon is another common species. The population of cat demons is disproportionately female, whereas almost every other type has a balanced gender ratio.
Snake Demon:
Snake demons are often stereotyped as untrustworthy, despite making up a significant portion of the demonic population. They are known for having trouble regulating their body temperatures, preferring warmer climates.
Uncommon Aedifices
Raven Demon:
The raven demon is associated with intelligence, high class, and advanced occult magic that many other demons are not willing to partake in. They also make for good spies, seeing as they can fly.
Spider Demon:
Spider demons are a strange group. They also make excellent spies given their ability to fit into tight spaces; there is a family name that most often comes up around discussion of spider demons: Metellus.
Arctic Fox Demon:
The arctic fox demon is probably just a rare subtype of the fox demon but nonetheless they are often considered seperate. They are usually smaller in size (even in their human forms) and of course prefer colder temperatures.
Deer Demon:
The deer demon's population was once much higher, but was killed off in large numbers at some point. Deer demons are not usually physically strong (though there are exceptions) and are often associated with healing.
Dragon Demon:
Dragon demons are big, intimidating, and usually quite strong physically and with magic. They are very rare, however, as they are often 'glass cannons'. They are known to be prone to heatstroke.
This type of demon is special. These are the demons that are older than most other aedifices, and are usually *very* powerful. They don't have a distinct second form but may be able to choose shape at will. Most Archdemons have this aedifex type.
Rare Aedifices
Sparrow Demon:
Sparrow demons are usually petite, delicate, and reclusive. Many quiet towns have their own resident sparrow demon, and if you identify them, their presence can mean peace. If they leave, then well.. that's like your canary (ahem, sparrow) in a coal mine. Trouble's on its way.
Owl Demon:
The owl demon is associated with wisdom and science. Often they're colorblind or otherwise visually impaired, and usually considered very eccentric. Prince Stolas of Ctesiphon is the most well known owl demon.
Moth Demon:
Much like deer demons, moth demons were once much more common. Nowadays their numbers are fewer than a hundred. This could be because their aedifex type is not hereditary.
Jackal Demon:
Very few jackal demons remain. They are a tight-knit group, scorning demons of other aedifex types, and therefore little knowledge remains about them.
Butterfly Demon:
There are fewer than ten butterfly demons remaining. They are known for their breathtaking beauty and gentle nature, often they are healers. It is thought of as very desirable to have a child with a butterfly demon, but their numbers have been shrinking regardless.
Crow Demon:
The crow demon is another reclusive type of demon, possibly even fewer than butterfly. Many either hide their identities altogether or pretend to be raven demons for their own saftey.
Extinct Aedifices
Tiger Demon:
There are no remaining tiger demons. They were known for incredible physical strength, and they were wiped out by Lucifer following an attempted uprising. There remain some myths about tiger demons who were heroic (or evil, depending on who'se telling the story).
Hyena Demon:
Allegedly, the hyena demon went extinct due to difficulty reproducing. It is hard to say whether this is the truth or an attempt to cover up a genocide.
Bison Demon:
Bison demons are mythologized as gentle giants. If any remain, they are in hiding.